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Inforouter - Current Version 8.2.113

infoRouter - Current Version 8.2.113:

[infoRouter] Latest Version 8.2.113

http://www.inforouter.com/Release-Notes-80/default.aspx?releasenbr=8.2.113 (pca)

Previewer.AutoPrint Error

[Formate] This entry refers to the "Previewer.AutoPrint Error" as shown in the Formate Event Log.

When generating PDF documents Formate requires access to your printer driver regardless of whether the PDF document is to be printed, emailed or just saved to disk.  If you are receiving the "Previewer.AutoPrint Error" then Formate cannot gain access to the print driver.


The most likely causes of this problem are:
  • security permissions have changed for the printer
  • the printer has been reinstalled with an incompatible driver
  • the driver has been updated manually
  • Windows Update has modified the printer driver
NOTE:  At the time of writting this entry we were receiving a high level of reports from Formate users getting this error following a Windows update.

This issue can be resolved by:
  • Selecting a different printer within Formate
  • Uninstall the updated print driver and reinstall the original print driver

infoRouter - Current Version 8.2.112

Document Genetics Technical Blog: infoRouter - Current Version 8.2.112

[infoRouter] Latest Version 8.2.112

http://www.inforouter.com/Release-Notes-80/default.aspx?releasenbr=8.2.112 (pca)

Formate Server Ports called "Formate"

[Formate] Formate's print monitor subsystem creates ports for association with virtual printers in the Windows Printer folder all called "Formate-XXX" where "XXX" is the name given at creation.

Please ensure that no ports exist within the windows spooler on the server with the formate print monitor installed that have a name starting "Formate". Any such port not created by the Formate print monitor wizard will corrupt the print monitor and prevent it working. (pca)

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine if You Need to Replace Your Fax Machines with a Fax Server

  1. Do Fax machines cost us big dollars in maintenance and equipment

Survey says, yes! Industry research proves that the fax machine sitting next to your desk could be costing your company as much as £3100 a year. Now multiply that by the number of fax machines scattered throughout your organisation. When you add it all up the cost could be staggering! Unfortunately, many companies do not realize that each time someone feeds paper into a manual fax machine they’re also feeding into higher overhead costs. Costs to consider:
  • Leases and maintenance plans on outdated devices
  • Phone lines and long distance every month
  • Labour costs of walking to the machine and waiting
  • Toner and paper costs
  • Office space these devices occupy
  • Electricity usage
2.   Does your organisation ever lost faxes or have trouble finding them?
Have you heard comments like these?
  • “Faxes are stacked up on the machine—which one is mine?”
  • “The fax machine ran out of paper—where did my fax go?”
  • “I’ll have to make a phone call to make sure they got it.”
  • “I spend a lot of time with customers asking me if I got their fax.”
  • “I’m headed to the dreaded file cabinet to find that faxed invoice.”
Not only is losing a document a pain-in-the neck for your employees, but the cost of a lost document is probably more than you would think. “Every lost document costs anywhere from $350 to $700.”1 What do you think happens to a worker’s productivity and concentration while they are looking for the information they need to do their jobs? Gartner Research says that “On average it takes 18 minutes to search for a document.”

3.      Is customer service suffering? (Your competition knows the answer to this one)
  • What kind of documents and processes are held up due to fax machines? Loans, claims, purchase orders, prescriptions, admissions, deliveries, applications or contracts?
  • How quickly do you respond to customer requests?
  • Do clients ever get busy signals when they try to send you a fax?
  • Do you ever request that a customer resend their fax because you can’t find it?
More than 75 percent of companies say inadequate information in commerce, marketing and service organisations is hampering their ability to deliver satisfying and profitable customer experiences, according to a survey by ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc.). Customer loyalty is on the decline and the quickest way to lose a customer is to provide poor customer service. Companies spend a great deal of money to recruit customers and earn their business, but if you don’t take great care of them, shopping a competitor is just a click away.

4.      Is paper a security risk? (customers lost sleep over this one)
  • Are your fax machines in compliance with your industry regulations and compliance mandates?
  • Do you know who has access to your paper faxes during every step of fax delivery?
  • Do your paper faxes contain sensitive customer information such as drivers’ license numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers or insurance information?
Today your customers are concerned with confidentiality and identity theft—and rightly so. The wrong information in the hands of the wrong person can cost dearly. Naturally, you want to assure that your company’s fax documents are safe both in-house and externally. Fax servers have security features that help ensure privacy and data integrity as well as provide a comprehensive audit trail of who has been in contact with that document. Additionally, government regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) can dictate how you do business and a fax server takes advantage of the latest computer security features.

5.      Can your employees collaborate effectively with paper faxes?
  • Are people wasting time pushing paper faxes around for interdepartmental routing?
  • Are sales orders and other transactions being delayed because paper faxes are being manually routed around for approvals or processing?
  • Are paper processes and manual transactions suffering from human error?
  • Are your fax machines fully taking advantage of your existing IT infrastructure investment and kicking off business processes?
Do you continue to allow document-based business processes to operate with no visibility into the status of documents even documents that need decisions or collaboration? A fax server is an easy way to digitize your documents, which is the first step in making all of the information within those documents accessible to everyone. Once digitized, your documents can be integrated with the applications you use to run your business.

6.      Has IT had it with fax machine support?
  • Would IT rather be spending cycles on fax machine support or strategic projects?
  • How much time does IT spend on telephony to support manual faxing, like PBX upgrades, dedicated telephone lines and fax modems?
  • Could your organisation benefit from integrating document delivery capabilities with the IT infrastructure you already have invested in?
The IT department has their hands full with strategic infrastructure planning and implementation. Getting a fax machine back online and touching multiple devices for maintenance can be a big waste of time. Fax servers provide centralized administration which makes adding users or troubleshooting a one-stop process.

7.      Are you reacting to problems instead of proactively executing your plan?
  • Have employees been known to “improvise” outside of company plan to solve their fax machine pain?
  • Have customer complaints stemming from fax machine problems caused you to make hasty investments in more machines—the same equipment that caused the problems in the first place?
When something isn’t working in an organisation, people tend to take the road of least resistance even if the decision doesn’t support organisational strategy. For instance, if a worker has to stand in line too long at a fax machine chances are good that they might take matters into their own hands and buy an unapproved fax machine to solve their problem or expense personal Internet-fax accounts for their desktop regardless of organisational guidelines.

8.      Are your business processes and workflows inefficient and cutting into your bottom line?
  • Are manual fax processes leading to a longer sales cycle?
  • Do you need to add process accountability to your inbound faxes?
  • Would you like to accelerate processes from days or hours to minutes?
  • Do you have data stored in systems like CRM, ERP, HR or ECM that you would like to integrate with your faxes?
How would you describe your paper workflows? Inflexible? Slow? Not integrated? Once a document is delivered through a fax server, that document can now be integrated with other applications such as Microsoft® products, and other systems such as ERP, HR, CRM and document management. This means you can take advantage of workflows and manage individual tasks within familiar Microsoft programs and help with business processes and transaction processing.

9.      Do you do business with people in remote offices who might not even have fax machines?
  • Do you have mobile workers?
  • Do you support international users with client application localisations?
You may be one of the many organisations who depend on people spread out all over the city, country or even the world, to do business. If you have remote offices or mobile workers this means someone has to manage the process of shipping out fax machines, approving the expense of a fax machine purchase, managing associated phone line expenses or dealing with faulty equipment or a rogue desktop fax application. Now consider your customers: How do you track who has a fax machine and who doesn’t, what the current phone number is and if they remembered to turn it on today?

10.  Do you have employees who spend a lot of time away from the office?
  • Do you have sales people in the field?
  • Does management travel often?
  • Do you have other workers who find it necessary to be out of the office to get their work done?
Let’s look beyond the remote office. One of the biggest drawbacks to manual faxing is that you have to be in front of the fax machine to send or receive a fax. That’s not how we do business today! Laptops and wireless connections give us the freedom to take our offices with us and do business from a customer site, a coffee shop or an airport. Many workers spend a large percentage of their time out of the office and can’t wait until they are “back at the office” to pick up incoming faxes or send out the documents they need to do their jobs.

FaxPress, FaxPress Premier and FaxPress Enterprise Network Fax Servers offer organisations every possible PC-based, network fax option: desktop faxing, production faxing, fax and email integration, workflow application integration, and tools for developing custom fax applications.

FaxPress is a complete hardware and software solution to network fax. This unique architecture makes the solution very robust as well as easy to install, maintain and manage.  These award winning network fax servers can be tailored to meet the needs of any type or size of business whether it’s a small company or a large enterprise.

Kodak's customer Huws Gray Achieves Higher Levels of Efficiency with New Proof of Delivery Solution

Kodak have announced that Huws Gray, the largest independent builders materials company in Wales and the northwest of England, has installed 39 KODAK i2400 Scanners and 39 licenses of KODAK Capture Pro Software along with Border Merchant Systems’ (BMS) proof of delivery scanning module. The proof of delivery scanning solution enhances efficiency and provides Huws Gray workers with instant access to documentation associated with all deliveries made by its team of 70 drivers should a customer have a query.
The new system will digitise approximately 15,000 delivery notices generated each month. KODAK Scanners and Software were supplied by Kodak’s reseller, BMI Solutions.

Huws Gray sell plumbing, heating and building materials and has its head office in Llangefni on Anglesey. Since it was founded in 1990, Huws Grayhas doubled in size every five years through organic growth and acquisition and now employs more than 400 staff. The company has expanded its branch network and opened five new sites in 2012. Huws Gray now operates a total of 39 trading locations, and each site uses a KODAK i2400 Scanner and KODAK Capture Pro Software.

“With the old paper process, if a customer phoned our accounts staff at head office with a delivery question, the specific branch would then have to be contacted, the paper proof of delivery found and faxed over,” said Michael Owen, Huws Gray’s IT manager. “That was a process which could take a day or two, as our branches are busy selling goods. Now everything is instantaneous as proof of delivery is available electronically.”

This is key, as Huws Gray receives numerous queries per month with some of its bigger accounts wanting to know who has signed for goods before invoices are paid.

The proof of delivery scanning module links to BMS CounterActfully integrated merchant software, an enterprise solution used by Huws Gray for the past 15 years for its accounts (sales, purchase and nominal ledger), price book, point of sale, stock control and quotations.

Each proof of delivery form is given a unique barcode, which Capture Pro Software automatically reads. This is matched against a sales number within CounterAct Software when the images are imported on a daily basis, with the proof of delivery scan archived together with the customer’s order in the same folder.

Phil Davies, BMS’ account development manager, says, “It’s then a simple case of Huws Gray’s staff running a client report or looking at the sales ledger if there is a question and clicking on a link to the scanned proof of delivery, with a PDF able to be emailed straight from the system.”

Speed of response to queries has improved dramatically. In addition, the system allows accounts staff to produce reports on those orders which do not have a proof of delivery associated.

BMS recommended that Huws Gray use KODAK i2400 Scanners, as they are robust and reliablewith the same workgroup solution implemented throughout the company to make support easier even though scanning volumes differ per branch. Furthermore, KODAK Capture Pro Software is simple to install and deploy across multiple sites. BMS also liked that both the scanner hardware and imaging software came from the same manufacturer, as integration is seamless. Each scanner connects to a desktop PC and as part of the roll-out, which is now complete, Huws Gray also upgraded to MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 OS.

Able to process up to 2,000 pages per day at 30 pages per minute, the compact i2400 Scanners come with Kodak’s Perfect Page imaging technology and use next-generation dual indirect LED illumination, which eliminates traditional lamp warm-up timeso staff can scan in black and white and color safe in the knowledge that the very best, crystal clear images will result straight away.

In addition to speed, the i2400 Scanners automatically de-skew and rotate pages so everything is the right way up, as well as coping with paperwork even if it gets crumpled.

Michael Owen says, “Ease of use is key to minimise training and ongoing support, and the KODAK Scanners and Software provide this. We wanted a solution where staff can just grab a bunch of proof of deliveries, put them into the hopper, press a button and the system takes care of everything. That’s what we’ve got, with the barcode recognition within KODAK Capture Pro Software being particularly impressive.”

Not only does Huws Gray scan proof of deliveries, but other paperwork as well. This covers a range of documents such as sick notes, expenses and other office forms.

Phil Davies adds, “The key thing with our proof of delivery scanning module is the close integration with CounterAct Software. Everything related to an order and delivery is now in one place—on the system—which is what our merchant customers wanted. This improves efficiency, saves time and means paper proof of delivery storage files don’t have to be held at branch level with all the space and management issues that this presents.”
Michael Owen says, “Our aim as a business is to be as paperless as possible so as to enhance efficiency and effectiveness and be more environmentally conscious, and the new proof of delivery scanning module certainly helps here as well as keeping things operationally as simple as possible.”

Neil Murphy, Kodak’s UK sales manager, says “KODAK Scanners and Imaging Software offer compelling performance. Not only are they packed with innovative features to ensure great scans, first time, every time, but with our three-year warranty, customers like Huws Gray are guaranteed service over time.”

About Border Merchant Systems (BMS)
BMS is a specialist accounting and sales software provider for the building industry. Its CounterAct solution is specially designed for merchants including builders, plumbers, roofing, timber and ironmongers covering everything from purchasing and pricing to estimating and accounting. 

A fully integrated system with a range of additional add-on modules, CounterAct is easy to learn and use, and written and developed by a team of in-house programmers. Founded in 1990, BMS is based in Monmouth and is privately owned.

For more information, visit www.bordermerchantsystems.co.uk

About Kodak
As the world’s foremost imaging innovator, Kodak helps consumers, businesses, and creative professionals unleash the power of images, information, and printing to enrich their lives.

Kodak enables customers to capture and use valuable information from electronic and paper documents. Our document imaging solutions include award-winning scanners and capture software, an expanding range of professional services and industry-leading service and support. From small offices to global operations, Kodak has the right solution to feed your business the information it needs.

For more information, visit www.kodak.co.uk

Kodak Capture Pro Software v4 Delivers Advanced Data Indexing with Improved Image Quality and Flexible, Secure Output Options

Double Data Entry indexing and automated image enhancement tools are among the latest features of the newest version of Kodak Capture Pro Software. Advanced capabilities of Capture Pro Software v4.0 build upon Kodak’s award-winning image capture platform and enable businesses to ensure even greater accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness within their document-based processes. The software fits easily into departmental, production batch - and transaction-level workflows for a wide range of applications such as accounts receivable, claims processing and back-file conversion.

“Kodak continues to expand its entire capture portfolio to help our channel partners strengthen their competitiveness and to drive the continued innovation of our customers’ business processes. Our software remains a significant part of that aim,” said Tony Barbeau, Kodak’s General Manager of Document Imaging. “The improvements found in Capture Pro Software v4.0 are practical, yet powerful. Each feature contributes to greater consistency and quality, which helps to eliminate the expense of errors and generate additional time and cost savings.”

Data indexing is a key part of many jobs or business processes. Capture Pro Software’s new Double Data Entry indexing feature enables “double blind” entry of index data by two separate operators. This method compares the inputs and prompts for a correction if needed to prevent indexing errors and ensure data integrity. Expanded Database Look Up capabilities support lookup on one or two key index fields, which enables users to populate fields faster and more accurately from Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) sources.

Upgrades to Intelligent Quality Control (QC), a core component of Capture Pro Software’s imaging enhancement capabilities, include deskew and auto-crop. Intelligent QC is capable of optimizing images from both KODAK Scanners and other sources such as MFPs and other manufacturers’ scanners. Users can apply image enhancements even when original documents are unavailable. Improved image quality, coupled with automated detection features, help users enable better accuracy and readability. These benefits contribute to improved downstream recognition for enterprise document management applications.
The output capabilities of Capture Pro Software v4.0 focus on flexibility and security. Users can simultaneously output documents to a range of file formats including file, system, email and print. An expanded PDF output function includes file protection via password encryption as well as support for both Fast Web View and documents longer than 200 inches.

Capture Pro Software also includes comprehensive integration with MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT Server and other ECM systems. The image capture software is capable of importing index configurations from a wide array of column types found within SHAREPOINT Applications.

A single interface provides users with a familiar set of imaging tools, which help businesses save on training costs and avoid complications and inconsistencies via shared settings for multiple users. No per-click or volume charges keep operation costs low and predictable. This unified approach allows users to customize for specific job and user management requirements with individual application programming interfaces (APIs).

An available Network Edition helps users centrally manage multiple capture and indexing stations to achieve process speed, consistency and data integrity. Administrators can also use the Network Edition to gain enhanced insight into status, throughput and performance-based metrics.

The Auto Import Edition of Capture Pro Software helps businesses automatically import existing image files and associated metadata from shared hot folders on a network. Imported files could include faxes or image file email attachments that have been saved to the network folder. Imported image and data files benefit from the same image enhancements, indexing tools and output capabilities as a scanned image.
Capture Pro Software v4.0 will be available in the U.S. and Canada beginning June 20 and in other parts of the world shortly after. Existing customers of Capture Pro Software with valid Software Assurance will be able to receive the new features of v4.0 at no additional charge as the product becomes available in their locales.

About Document Genetics
Document Genetics focus on improving document automation, workflow and collaboration for our customers - simply put, we efficiently turn documents into data and data into documents, and in almost all cases without the need for ANY changes to their business systems.

Better still, 80% of our solutions pay for themselves inside 6 months.

We have over 400 customers, which includes organisations such as Fowler Welch, SPAR UK, Appleby Westward, Betterware, Morphy Richards, Jersey Water and United Merchants.